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Whatever your needs might be, we can offer you all types of products, and from the most renowned brands such as IBM, HP, Cisco, etc.

Whether you are looking for servers, features or units, hard disks, storage devices, parts, or just anything else related to computer technology, either new or reconditioned*, that can be found on the North-American market, we can help you. Plus at highly competitive prices! So why pay more ?

* All of our reconditioned equipment is repaired, tested and cleaned up before being offered for sale, and, furthermore, is certified with a warranty also eligible for a manufacturer service contract.


As we are a computer technology equipment broker, we are always on the lookout for equipment that you may own and intend to dispose of.

Do not hesitate to ask for a price: we give the maximum!

Furthermore, Save System Inc. takes charge of any piece of equipment that may not be recirculated on the used market, by sending it to recycling centers for metals, plastics, etc., in collaboration with these.

A little gesture for the environment


There are two (2) types of repairs: on-site service support, which is on a hourly rate basis, and over-the-counter service, manned by seasoned technicians, at in-shop rate. Our in-shop service is cost efficient and enables you to lower your operating costs.

And we also offer you free estimation at our shop. Do not hesitate to drop by!

We are fast and efficient. All of our clients are happy clients!


You may also ask for an on-site or in-shop service agreement, either on a monthly or annual basis, for any equipment you may already own, or for new equipments bought from us. In either cases, Save System will satisfy your needs.

Please contact us for more information.


Besides selling and renting equipment, Save System can carry out, on-site, the installation of your peripherals or systems, whether these have been acquired from us or from an outside source.

Our technical expertise can answer your needs in this regard!

Do not hesitate to call upon our services, even for moving-related purposes!


Not ready yet for a purchase? Yet you are in need of this equipment, for immediate, short or medium term?

Why not consider renting it?

Save System Inc. can offer you, on a rental basis of a minimum of one (1) month, every equipment that can be purchased.

Thus, you may retain your cash flow for other important projects!

And if at some point this equipment becomes a necessity for you to own, you just simply buy it!

An exclusive service!


You are in need of new equipment but have no budget to purchase it?

Perhaps you own overages or surplus equipment that may have become obsolete or, simply, of no use for you anymore?

Then this service of ours will certainly be of interest to you!

We will take back your surplus equipment, at a given market value, and will either exchange these for the equipment you are in need of, or give you a credit note for any future purchases.

...So what are you waiting for?

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